Carpus /ˈkärpəs/, means 'wrists sense'. Of Greek origin, the eight bones of the human carpus form the wrist and part of the hand and are arranged in two rows.

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My back-to-school shopping began at my local Big5 sporting goods store when I was a kid. My parents didn't have much money back in the 80s, so I was only allowed to get one pair of shoes from the under $25 table section. I didn't have a choice to choose the cool shoes, so I made it work. I was conscious of style, brand, and color during my selection process. Most importantly, looking cool and not getting laughed at or made fun of by other kids. So, I chose the best stylish shoes available.

After selecting my pair of shoes, I browsed the store, waiting for my parents to pay. That's when I saw it! The Casio Digital Sport Watch! It was the most incredible watch I had ever seen. The black bezel form, the digital movement, had a Rambo/James bond look and feel. It was an 80s GSHOCK. The 80s GSHOCK had a price of around $15 - $25, but my mom would never buy it for me. We couldn't afford it.

That summer, I set out to mow lawns to make enough money to purchase that watch.

At that moment, I associated wristwatches with style and confidence. That's where my passion and love for watches began. That memory will always be fresh in my mind.


In this age of high-tech gadgets like the smartwatch (iWatch) and smartphone (iPhone) taking center stage in our lives, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by technology. But let's take a step back and focus on creating memories together.

You know, we kicked off CARPUS because we wanted to shake things up in the fashion industry, especially those outdated straps and bands. Our goal? To seamlessly blend the charm of traditional watches with a modern twist and some seriously cool strap connector.

Watches and their bands have this long history of sticking to traditional quick-release pins to keep the strap in place. But guess what? We've gone and built a one-of-a-kind strap with our product, and I'm super pumped to share it with you! Because, hey, at CARPUS, we're all about making memories and letting your individuality shine.



"Build it right or don't build it at all"! CARPUS delivers premium fashion-forward watches, straps, and accessories designed in the center of Silicon Valley!


Our company has a straightforward mission: To create memories and timepieces we can share and pass down to generations. We help you express your individuality through fashion.

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